EDMONTON -- A drug store retailer's heart appears to have grown three sizes following a system error that saw some customers receive massive amounts of bonus points, then had those same points taken away.

A spokesperson for Loblaw, Shoppers Drug Mart's parent company, confirmed the system error occurred on Dec. 9 when customers used their PC Optimum cards upon checkout.

Customer Carly DeJong, from Edmonton, said she was ecstatic when she walked out of the store that day with 260,800 bonus points—a value of $260.80—despite having spent only $87.

gift receipt

"I texted my husband right away and truly felt grateful that we had won some extra money for Christmas," she said.

But her mood changed when she was told by a customer service representative that the points were granted in error and were to be removed from her account.

The representative told DeJong the bonus points were unrelated to a promotion that promised some customers a prize of up to one-million points.

While DeJong's family wasn't in dire need of the points, she said it was upsetting to think some less fortunate families might have had them taken away.

Shoppers has since clarified in a letter sent to DeJong and other customers that it is not taking the additional points away.

"We understand how frustrating and confusing this may have been, and for that we sincerely apologize," the letter read. "We will shortly reinstate the rest of the points you received."

In a statement provided to CTV News Edmonton, the company said it was still reinstating points associated with the error and hoped it would help customers "have a little bit of a happier holiday."

DeJong said the points have already been restored to her account and was very pleased with how Shoppers resolved the situation.

Customers with questions are asked to contact the PC Optimum customer care team at 1-866-727-6468.