Alberta Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Oneil Carlier is heading to Asia in November to explore trade opportunities with China and South Korea.

Carlier’s mission will focus on agricultural products, such as beef, pork, grains, hemp, honey and more, as well as lumber and pulp.

“Building strong trade and investment relationships in like Asia is essential to creating jobs and diversifying the Alberta economy,” Carlier said in a press release. “There is tremendous potential for growth of our exports and business partnerships in China and South Korea where there is increasing demand for high-quality food and wood products.”

The Alberta delegation will meet with officials and industry stakeholders in Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, as well as the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, which is commemorating a 35-year trade relationship with Alberta.

Currently, Alberta is exporting around $1.8 billion in agri-food products and nearly $600 million in forestry products to South Korea and China annually.

The trip will take place between November 2 and November 15, and the government estimates it will cost almost $65,000 for Carlier and three other staff.