The suspension of a physics teacher at Ross Sheppard High School has outraged some staff and students. There are claims the disciplinary action comes after the teacher handed out a zero to a student.

Some teachers are going the extra mile by wearing buttons in protest of the decision to suspend physics teacher Lynden Dorval.

The school has a practice advising teachers against giving students a mark of zero.

Students tell CTV News that the teacher did hand one or more zeroes and they've heard that's why he was suspended.

The move has reignited the debate over whether such a standard should exist at all.

Students at Ross Sheppard have varying opinions about whether teachers should be banned from handing out zeroes.

"He's a good teacher from what I hear so why stop that just for giving out zeroes to people who don't complete work?" said Cassandra Gregory.

The school's website lists a range of marking codes that teachers use, including marking an assignment NC for not completed or NHI for not handed in.

There is a timeline of three weeks to appeal a suspension. There is only a week left for Dorval to file an appeal, and he has yet to do so.

With files from Laura Tupper