EDMONTON -- COVID-19 is creating a lot of stress. From health concerns to the slowing economy, physical distancing and school closures, many people are struggling.

Dr. Jody Carrington has a recipe for dealing with the pandemic.

“If we’re going to get through hard things, we’ve got to find the joy. We’ve got to stay connected in this process and we’ve got to laugh,” Dr. Carrington told CTV Morning Live Edmonton.

The Olds, Alta. psychologist says people need to see each other.

Instead of sending a text message or making a phone call to a friend or loved one, Dr. Carrington suggests sending a video message.

“There’s no replacement for face to face connection,” she said.

In a time when more people are testing positive, and others are being laid off, Dr. Carrington feels mankind can take a stand.

“The definition of brave is doing something where you can’t predict the outcome. And we’ve never needed more brave people than we need right now,” says Dr. Carrington.

She also encourages everyone to remind first responders and people on the front lines that they matter and are heroes.

Dr. Carrington hosts a daily Facebook Live chat she calls #NotTodayCorona

“Kindness, empathy, gratitude is also contagious, more contagious than the corona," she said.