A pair of noise monitoring systems had the opposite effect intended.

The City of Edmonton created the Vehicle Noise Monitoring Pilot and installed eight sound detection systems in loud areas to detect motorists who drive too loudly.

Four screening stations have LED board displays, and in some instances, drivers would rev up their engines to see decible meters soar.

The city turned off the LED boards at 99 Street and 77 Avenue, and 124 Street and 109 Avenue after residents complained even more about noise. The devices are still recording noise levels.

The other noisy areas the city is monitoring are:

  • Victoria Park Road
  • Fort Road from 66 Street to 137 Avenue
  • Jasper Avenue from 109 Street to 124 Street
  • 114 Street south from 82 Avenue and into Belgravia
  • Groat Road
  • 137 Avenue between 97 Street and 127 Street

The pilot project ends in November.