With a name like Carbon, it's clear this new downtown boutique has its carbon footprint in mind, selling everything from organic bedding to non-toxic paint.

The store is the brainchild of Allison MacLean, a mom who spends much of her time looking for ways to purify her home and keep toxins out.

That's what this store is all about, detoxing your home, detoxing your life and getting back to the way things used to be," said MacLean. "People are getting more and more sensitive and people are getting sicker,"

Carbon is located in downtown Edmonton near 101st Avenue and 104th Street, an area that is growing in popularity with the environmentally-minded.

Newly engaged couple Josh Fernandez and Giane Escuradro say they were motivated to stop by the store to support environmentally safe and healthy lifestyles.

"We're a bit more energized and we feel good too about what we're doing for the environment," said Escuadro.

Everything in Carbon has been researched by MacLean and is guaranteed to be non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable.

The store carries things like non-toxic hardwood flooring, cutting boards that have been made from recycled yogurt containers and non-toxic paint.

Generally Canadians spend at estimated 90 per cent of their time indoor and the remaining 10 per cent either outside or in vehicles. Sustainable design consultant Brandy Burdeniuk says a number of respiratory problems can be avoided if people pay more attention to what they bring inside their homes.

"If we bring healthy materials into our house then we'll in turn become healthier," said Burdeniuk.

With files from Erin Isfeld