The Earls restaurant chain has decided to drop a certain word from its ‘Albino Rhino’ beer, in response to a human rights complaint from some who have a rare genetic condition.

The popular beer brand was created 25 years ago – and was named after the white rhinoceros.

Officials with the restaurant chain said in a statement they didn’t believe the name of the product was discriminatory, but learned through the human rights complaint process that some people with albinism are genuinely offended.

The complaint was filed in early 2012, and was accepted by the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal in December, but was rescinded in light of the company’s plan to discontinue the brand name.

Earls said the company "did not agree with the complaint," but wants "all members of the public to feel welcome at our restaurants and, accordingly, we no longer feel it is appropriate to use the word 'albino' as part of our marketing."

The woman who filed the complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal said having the ‘Albino Rhino’ product on the Earls menu was demeaning, and humiliating.

Albinism is a rare genetic condition where the body doesn’t produce or distribute melanin – which gives colour to skin, eyes and hair.

The company said plans are in place to remove the product from its menu by April 23, it’s not clear what the brand name will be after that date.

With files from CTV British Columbia