Clouds are once again dominating the weather picture in much of Alberta.
The sun returns to the Capital Region and much of Central Alberta and North-Central Alberta this weekend.
But, for today - Cloudy with some showers and a risk of thunderstorms.

The highest risk for severe thunderstorms will be in the foothills (from around Nordegg SE to the Calgary region).
Large hail and heavy downpours will be the primary threat in that region.

There's also a risk of some funnel clouds in parts of northeast and east-central Alberta.
We had a couple funnel clouds spotted (again) Thursday and we may get an advisory issued for a few areas today.
Again - these are the type of funnel clouds that rarely touch down and become tornadoes.
However, it's impossible to completely rule out the risk of a weak landspout forming (similar to what we had last Friday near Mannville).

So, be alert...but not alarmed.

Mainly sunny across much of the province Saturday.
Partly cloudy in the Capital Region Sunday with a chance of scattered thunderstorms in eastern and northern Alberta.

Here's the Edmonton forecast:

Today - Mostly cloudy.  60% chance of a shower.  Risk of a late-day thunderstorm.
High:  18

Tonight - Risk of a thunderstorm in the evening.  Clearing overnight.
9PM:  14

Saturday - Mainly sunny.
Morning Low:  10
Afternoon High:  20

Sunday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  9
Afternoon High:  21

Monday - Increasing cloud.  30% chance of late-night/overnight showers.
Morning Low:  9
Afternoon High:  22

Tuesday - 30% chance of morning showers.  Afternoon clearing.
Morning Low: 12
Afternoon High:  20

Wednesday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low: 11
Afternoon High:  20