World didn't end (or hasn't YET).

Temperatures have been in the mid minus teens early this morning & we'll see the mercury drop to around -20 this afternoon.
Wind chill is the bigger story.  
With a 20-30km/h wind for most of today, it's FEELING like -30 for most of today.

Snow has (for the most part) stayed North of Edmonton & I'm not expecting to see much (if anything) for the rest of the day.
In fact, we should get some sunny breaks later today.

A large area of low pressure will spit off another pulse of moisture Saturday morning.  That shouldn't amount to much more than light flurries (if anything) for the Edmonton area.
Sunday could be a different story.  If we're going to get a 2-5cm snowfall, it's probably from the THIRD pulse of moisture off that pacific low.
That'll likely come through early in the day on Sunday.

Clearing for Monday/Tuesday of next week.'ll be COLD for Christmas, but at least it'll be sunny.
Temperatures stay near -20 for highs Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue.  The absolute coldest point in the next 5 days comes Monday evening.
Might be a wise idea to stay indoors Christmas Eve (or have a backup plan if you ARE heading out).

This is my last day of work this year.  I'll be on the news tonight, but you won't see another WxBlog from me until Jan 7th.

So...Merry Christmas!  Have a happy & safe holiday season and a spectacular New Year.

I'll leave you with these bold predictions:
Temperature stays below -15 until after Christmas
Temperature stays below -10 until 2013  (there's a CHANCE we get to -9 on the 30th & it'll be close)
After this weekend, no significant snow until 2013 (a few flakes possible, but no accumulations of more than 1cm)

Edmonton Forecast looks like this:

Today - Cloudy with afternoon sunny breaks.
Wind: NW 20-30km/h.  
Temperature falling to -19 later today.
Wind chill near -30 most of the day.

Tonight - Mostly cloudy.  30% chance of flurries overnight.
Low:  -24

Saturday - Mostly cloudy.  70% chance of lightsnow.
High:  -20

Sunday - Mostly cloudy.  70% chance of snow.  2-5cm possible.
Morning Low:  -22
Afternoon High:  -19

Monday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  -25
Afternoon High:  -21

(-30 or colder Monday Evening in outlying areas)

Tuesday - Mainly sunny.
Morning Low:  -27
Afternoon High:  -20

Wednesday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  -23
Afternoon High:  -17