It's a cold morning, but this afternoon shouldn't FEEL that bad.
Light wind & sunshine with a high of -13 in Edmonton.

Outside the city, temperatures have been in the -25 to -30 range this morning.
Get used to that.  We'll see some slightly milder mornings tomorrow & Friday, but waking up to temperatures close to -30 is something most of Central & Northern Alberta will do Sunday/Mon/Tues.
That COLD snap is still on track to roll in this weekend & stick around most (maybe all) of next week.

Snow doesn't look like it's going to be a huge factor for Edmonton over the next few days.  Could see some flurries Thursday night into Friday & possible later in the day Saturday.
Doesn't look like much accumulation though.  MAYBE 2-4cm of dry snow.
A low pressure system off the west coast will slowly slip south over the next few days.  It spits a secondary low into southern Alta tomorrow night.
Once we hit Friday afternoon, neither of those system will be much of an influence on the Edmonton region & cold, arctic air will be allowed to come crashing in.
Wind will gust as the arctic front moves through Friday.  So, wind chills will be in the mid -20s Friday.
Daytime highs WITHOUT a wind chill will be in the -20 range Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed.

There's a SLIGHT chance we'll get JUST above -10 tomorrow.  I don't think that's very likely, the milder air should stay south of Edmonton & I have a high of -11 in my forecast for tomorrow.
If that works out & we stay in double digits tomorrow, then we're below -10 for the rest of 2012.  (and the first few days of 2013 don't look much warmer)

Edmonton Forecast looks like this:

Today - Mainly sunny.  Light wind.
High:  -13

Tonight - A few clouds.
Low:  -18

Thursday - Mostly cloudy.  
High:  -11

Friday - Mostly cloudy.  60% chance of snow early in the day.
Wind becoming NW 30 gusting to 50km/h in the afternoon.
Temperature dropping through the day.
Morning:  -13
Afternoon:  -15 (feeling like -25 w/ wind chill)

Saturday - Mostly cloudy.  40% chance of late-day snow.
Morning Low:  -23
Afternoon High:  -20

Sunday - Mostly cloudy.
Morning Low:  -25
Afternoon High:  -21

Monday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  -27
Afternoon High:  -22

Tuesday - Mainly sunny.
Morning Low:  -28
Afternoon High:  -21