A long-time Member of Parliament for an Edmonton riding announced Monday that he will not seek re-election next year.

In a press conference held Monday, Edmonton-East MP Peter Goldring announced he was retiring from federal politics, and not seeking re-election next year.

“I think it’s time I spend some more time with my wife, my grandchildren, my children,” Goldring said. “That’s the direction I’m going to be taking.

“I look into my grandchildren’s eyes, and I just came back from 30 day special mission in Ukraine for the Prime Minister and then another week in Africa and coming back and they’re growing so fast. I don’t want them to grow so fast, I want to grow with them.”

Goldring was first elected in 1997, he said his biggest achievement in his 17 years as an MP is being involved with Canadian unity and veterans affairs.

He left the Conservative caucus after he was pulled over and charged with failing to provide a breath sample in 2011 – he was brought back into the tory fold after he was found not guilty.

In the next election, Goldring’s riding won’t exist as the electoral boundaries have been re-drawn.