Frank Mackay, the Edmonton owner of two horses left on a mountain near McBride B.C. will not be getting them back.

Volunteers spent a week digging a one kilometre trail through deep snow just before Christmas to rescue the horses.

The trapped animals were suffering from frost bite and missing hair.

Staff from Falling Star Ranch helped with the rescue effort and they say B.C. SPCA has told them that they will not be returning the animals to Frank Mackay.

On September 12,  Mackay was delivering supplies to hikers on Mount Renshaw, near McBride, B.C. when he became separated from the animals. Two attempts to locate the animals were unsuccessful.

On his third attempt, MacKay says that while he was able to locate the animals, he couldn't get them out of the snow.

Mackay insisted he was devoted to the animals prior to this incident.