EDMONTON -- A local company is celebrating the completion of a unique set of mascots during a tough economic time.

Edmonton-based International Mascot Corporation will soon be shipping six M&M characters to M&M World Stores in Las Vegas and Shanghai.

You could call it a "sweet" shipment for one of the world's largest mascot companies.

The company's president is calling the finished product "a success" considering the effects of COVID-19 on business.

The company usually produces more than 1,000 costumes annually but has seen a 70 per cent drop in revenue since the pandemic began.

"Our staff have come together during this COVID crisis -- taking on reduced hours, cuts in pay -- to still produce our costumes for our clients," said IMC president Joel Leveille. "We're still able to stay in business and deliver product to our customers."

International Mascot Corporation, which has delivered costumes to 88 countries worldwide, has crafted a number of Edmonton mascots including Nanook and Punter for Edmonton's CFL team and Hunter for the Oilers.

"We have a lot of fun," laughed Leveille. "Everything that we produce brings smiles to other people."