EDMONTON -- Alberta's election commissioner has issued another $18,373 in fines related to Jeff Callaway's 2017 bid for leadership of the United Conservative Party.

The commissioner fined Energize Alberta Corp. for making six contributions as a prohibited entity, breaking Section 16(2) of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.

Energize Alberta was incorporated in August 2017 in Calgary.

The penalties levied against it are equal to the alleged donations, ranging from $573 to $6,300.

Corporations and unions are not allowed to make contributions of any kind to political entities.

Energize Alberta has been mentioned previously in fines issued by the election commissioner in connection to the 2017 UCP race: Lenore Eaton, Callaway's campaign chief financial officer, and Jennifer Thompson were fined on May 22 and July 17, respectively. Eaton was fined for failing to advise the campaign CEO of a $7,600 prohibited contribution from Energize Alberta. Thompson allegedly donated $3,900 to Callaway with funds from Energize Alberta.

Callaway ran against now UCP Leader and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in the party's 2017 leadership race, before dropping out and throwing his support behind Kenney.

It has been alleged that the Callaway and Kenney teams worked together in a "kamikaze" campaign to undermine Kenney's main rival, Brian Jean.

Kenney has dismissed any collaboration with Callaway.