It's a new delivery service in Edmonton that's unlike any other.

The business is called 'Anthony at your Service' and at the centre of it is an inspirational man living with autism, hoping to challenge himself while giving back to the community.

Anthony Barrett, 24, is breaking through barriers by launching his very own business, with the help of those close to him.

His business is quickly gaining popularity after being in operation for just a week.

Anthony hopes to learn new skills and meet new people while making deliveries in Edmonton.

His mother Deborah tells CTV News the delivery service was launched as a way to help Anthony structure his day and make an impact in the community.

"I want Anthony to have the experience of making a contribution," Deborah says.

"Hopefully the community will see that this person, who has significant autism, can make a very real contribution and help make their lives easier. I think that in society, we don't see enough people who have significant disabilities participating as working people or as contributing members of society."

Anthony's aide and friend Mike Hamm, who helped put together a YouTube video launching the delivery service, says the support Anthony has received since the service launched last week has been overwhelming.

"We were completely blindsided by how much people reacted to it and just overwhelmed by good vibes and people sending emails of encouragement and orders coming in like crazy," Hamm said. "We have more than enough work."

Hamm says Anthony likes being challenged and the business will help challenge Anthony each day.

"Something as simple for us like saying 'hi' can be a complex process so it's something that Anthony needs a lot of practice with, so (the delivery service) helps with that," Hamm said.

"Even though Anthony won't have a conversation with you in the way that we would have a conversation, he still likes being talked to and likes being interacted with... we wanted to find something that Anthony would like and that he would be good at and we thought deliveries would work great for that."

Learn more about Anthony and his delivery service by watching his YouTube video below:

Click here for more information on hiring Anthony for a delivery or pick up.