EDMONTON -- Zack Kassian is excited for Wednesday's Battle of Alberta, but not for the reason you might think.

The last time the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames faced each other, Kassian unleashed a barrage of punches on Matthew Tkachuk after the latter's big hit on him.

Kassian was hit with a two-game suspension, but he's back just in time to face Tkachuk and the Flames. But after a vacation in California while the NHL took a break for all-star festivities, Kassian is not thinking about retaliating — he just wants to win.

"If you look at the standings, we gotta play to win the game. It's that simple," Kassian said. "We play Calgary two times in the next three games. They're important points."

Besides, Kassian says he's satisfied with how he dealt with Tkachuk already. "I thought I got enough good shots in the incident itself."

Oilers head coach Dave Tippett echoed Kassian's thoughts, and stressed the game and the team as a whole are more important than settling old debts.

"It's about winning and Zack understands that," Tippett said.

Kassian did say he would not pass up a chance to lay a legal hit on Tkachuk, but there's another thing he wants more.

"It's about the two points — that's the way we’re going to stick it to them."