An Edmonton business is hoping for the return of a popular item that was stolen over the weekend.

A Viking helmet that typically sits on a mantel inside the Three Vikings restaurant is suspected to have been taken sometime between 7 and 10 p.m. on Saturday.

“It was left on a table and the next thing we knew we looked up and it was gone,” said owner of Three Vikings Finn Mollegaard-Laugesen.

Mollegaard-Laugesen said people would often take photos with it alongside a wall of shields. The helmet weighs in at just under five pounds, and is quite distinguishable.

“It's big too. It's not something you could wear around all the time. There's no cushioning inside so it would actually hurt your head if you wore it all the time.”

The restaurant hopes the helmet is returned quickly, so future customers can enjoy its prestige.

“We came in here, our son was really excited about it and walked around and looked at everything,” said customer Shirley Williams. “He didn't touch it but he looked at it, it kinda made the place special.”

“It must have been so precious,” said another customer, Joe Williams. “There must have been some fortune for these guys to steal it somehow.”

The restaurants string of bad luck rolled into Thursday after several windows along the building were smashed.

“I think just somebody walked by and thought they would try to break in and maybe steal some booze or something like that but they weren't successful with that at all,” said Mollegaard-Laugesen.

Both incidents have been reported, and are currently reviewing surveillance video to hand over to police.

With files from CTV Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson