An Ontario man is skating at Jackie Parker Park all day on Monday to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s.

Steve McNeil started skating at midnight on Monday, and says he will continue to skate for 19 hours and 26 minutes.

McNeil lost his mother and his mother-in-law to Alzheimer’s. His mother battled Alzheimer’s for 20 years, spending 11 of it in a nursing home. His mother-in-law lived with McNeil and his wife for five years while she received treatment for the disease.

He created 1926 Skate seven years ago, to honour his mother, who was born in 1926, with the skating tie-in coming from his love of hockey.

“She raised five boys playing hockey her whole life,” McNeil told CTV News. “What better way to honour her than to go out and skate for 19 hours and 26 minutes?”

The event has since expanded. He now plans to skate for 19 hours and 26 minutes in all seven Canadian cities with National Hockey League teams, and at the end of the challenge, he will reveal which city raised the most money.

Edmonton is the sixth stop on the tour for McNeil.

“It’s as much about the awareness and just getting more people involved in the community. I’ve given myself a goal of $1,926 in each of the cities,” McNeil said. “I know Toronto is up to about $12,000 now.

Those celebrating Family Day are encouraged to join McNeil at Jackie Parker Park. He will be skating until 7:26 p.m. You can also donate to the cause online.