A storm that pelted the Edmonton area with massive chunks of hail caused an estimated $90 million in insured damages, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

The Aug. 2 hailstorm damaged house siding and left vehicles with dents and smashed windshields in west Edmonton, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.

Spruce Grove in particular was one of the hardest areas hit, with some residents reporting hail as large as grapefruits falling from the sky.

Of the $90 million in damages, $46.9 million was to vehicles and $39.5 million was to personal property.

IBC says severe weather such as the August hailstorm is “significantly” costing the government, insurers and taxpayers.

"Last year, insured damage from severe weather across Canada reached $2 billion, the fourth-highest amount of annual losses on record," said IBC Western Vice President Celyeste Power.

“Unlike the 2013 Calgary floods or the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire, no single event caused the high amount paid out for 2018's losses. Instead, Canadians and their insurers experienced significant losses from a host of smaller severe weather events from coast to coast to coast."

IBC said it’s calling on all levels of government to step up when it comes to mitigating damage associated with climate change.

“It is not only insurers that foot the bill for severe weather damage, but also taxpayers,” the bureau said. “That's why all stakeholders should come together to reduce the financial strain caused by flood and other severe weather events.”

Hail forms when updrafts in thunderstorms carry raindrops into extremely cold parts of the atmosphere, freezing them into balls of ice.

With files from CTVNews.ca.