New details have emerged in the case of alleged police brutality involving Edmonton police officers. CTV News has obtained new surveillance video that shows Sammy Sobieh had a metal hook in his hand during an altercation prior to his arrest- something he originally denied.

In the video, it shows Sobieh sprinting towards the back door of his business with a large metal hook in his hand.

In the newly released footage not shown to CTV News, Sobieh is seen arguing with a man for several minutes while holding a hook he calls a "grabber".

Police said the man had a meat hook in his hands at the time the incident was reported but Sobieh originally told CTV News he didn't have anything on him during the argument.

Sobeih now claims he forgot the hook was in his hand. He says he only had it because he was using it to move boxes when the argument broke out. Similar types of the hook he was using can be seen hanging in his meat shop.

Sobieh says the hook was not to be used to defend himself.

Police arrived a short time later, responding to a complaint that Sobieh was threatening a man with a weapon. It's what happens afterwards that Sobeih claims is police brutality.

The video shows Sobieh turning around and putting his hands up when three officers grab him and throw him to the ground.

On Thursday, he lodged a complaint with the Professional Standards Branch (PSB) against the three officers, alleging excessive force was used during the arrest.

Edmonton's police chief has viewed the video and ordered an independent investigation.

If the officers involved are found to have used excessive force they may be charged with assault. Sobieh meanwhile is already facing several charges including assault with a weapon and uttering threats.

With files from CTV's Sean Amato...