A fire department in a small community south of Edmonton has a new piece of firefighting equipment that will help them snuff out brush fires quicker.

The Millet Veteran Firefighter's Association has purchased a new side by side, which will be used by the Millet Fire Department.

The department hopes to use the ATV to help fight fire in off-terrain areas, similar to a large grass fire that broke out in the area last year which destroyed a barn and torched multiple vehicles.

“We have inaccessible parkland surrounding our community and a unit like this is going to be invaluable in fighting wild land fires,” said retired fire chief Al Kilborn. “It's for mostly controlling spot fires and tree top fires.”

The cost of the $55,000 ATV was covered thanks to fundraising efforts done by the association.

“It makes me exceptionally proud,” said Kilborn. “It’s the type of stock that Millet and district people are made out of. They know a problem when they see one and they’ll get behind it and support it 100 percent.”

A trailer will also be purchased to carry the ATV around to rural areas when it is needed.