The naked people charged in a kidnapping that ended in a two-vehicle car crash in Nisku Monday morning may have consumed a hallucinogenic tea, a man who knows them told CTV News.

RCMP initially said drugs and alcohol were believed to have caused the bizarre events, but this man believes there’s another explanation.

“They were talking about the fact that they had perhaps purchased some team in India on a previous trip,” he said. “The five of them consumed the tea, and then this giant tirade came out of it.”

Three adults are facing kidnapping charges, but their identities are not available to the public to protect the two underage girls who were also in the BMW.

The man also told CTV News that the naked people and the older man, young woman and baby they allegedly kidnapped all attended the same Kingdom Hall.

“And then I find out these are really close people to me, that I have known so long – such a tragic event,” he said.

The collision occurred after the older man fled the back of the vehicle. His daughter and her newborn son were also able to escape.

The three then got into a Nisku area worker’s pickup truck, the BMW gave chase and rear-ended the truck.

RCMP responded and arrested the five people in a dramatic takedown.

With files from David Ewasuk