Months after Edmontonians voted for the new name of the city’s summer fair, Northlands unveiled the new look for next summer’s event.

The big reveal came after the organization decided to scrap the most recent name for the summer fair – Capital Ex – and put the question of a name for the event to the city.

Over the summer, Edmontonians voted – and decided on K-Days.

On Monday, the brand for the summer fair was released – featuring a new logo and website.

“The ‘K’ stands for whatever you want it to,” Northlands President Richard Anderson said.

“K-Days is a nod to the past, we’re certainly going to honour Klondike Days, and other events prior,” Anderson continued. “It’s really a foundation for the future, the question is, what’s your ‘K’?”

The new look came after months of consultation.

However, an Edmonton-based marketing expert said the new look isn’t really original.

“I don’t think this was formed as being part of a huge brand strategy as such,” NAIT Marketing Instructor Surjit Rai said. “I think it’s specifically just for K-Days, I don’t think there was any grand plan just looking at this.”

According to Northlands, the event will resemble summer fairs from previous years – but starting next summer visitors will also be able to use a new app to keep track of upcoming events.

K-Days will run from July 19 to 28, 2013.

With files from Ashley Molnar