EDMONTON -- A new fully stocked and manned health clinic has been rolled out for the less fortunate in Edmonton.

But it's not your regular brick-and-mortar office. This clinic will be on four wheels and come right to those who need it.

The Boyle McCauley Mobile Health Clinic is equipped with modern medical technology needed to treat patients, prescribe medications and connect people with a nurse practitioner to be their family provider. 

Candice Brietzke is a nurse that works in the vehicle and calls it a mini-medical centre.

Mobile Health Clinic Edmonton

“We can triage people in here, we can do wound care and foot care, it’s got heat, Wi-Fi, printer, all the basics you would see in a medical clinic," she said.

The Mobile Health Clinic has been in use since November and Brietzke saw how important the vehicle was in the recent cold snap.

“We did see a lot of frostbite on the southside especially and they were clients that would not typically go to the hospital, even if you provided transport for them, so we were able to provide and care on site," she said.

The mobile clinic is the first of its kind in Edmonton but similar clinics have already been in service in cities including Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.