A young girl has been recovering after a suspected coyote attack in northern Alberta.

The girls’ mother, Lolene Veronica Young-Condon said the incident happened around 1 a.m. Saturday in the town of Valleyview.

“We were going to do some star gazing,” she explained.

Young-Condon had gone into the house to make some tea when she heard something outside.

“I heard some screeching, crying sounds that I had never heard before.”

When she went outside to investigate she caught sight of the animal.

“I was standing on the steps outside my door and I saw this furry animal on my daughter Katie.

“I thought at first it was a fox.”

She said the animal jumped off Katie and turned to face her. It ran off into the woods near the home after Young-Condon chased it.

After seeing her 11-year-old daughter was bleeding they went to the hospital.

“She was treated with three and a half hours of stitches. We lost count at 20-some.

“Some intense lacerations, some punctures on her arm with the fat tissue coming out the punctures. This animal was trying to eat her.”

The family also headed to Grande Prairie so Katie could get some needles for protection.

Young-Condon said the incident has upset all of her daughters and cast a shadow on their summer plans.

“She’s kind of traumatized. She is sore. She never wants to go outside again.

“I am not going to be jogging down the back road anymore.”

The attack is the second of its kind in the last few weeks.

Jason Dubrule said he was sleeping on his deck at night a couple of weeks ago because it was too hot inside.

“Next thing I know there is coyote on my arm biting me. He wouldn’t let me go.

“I ripped my arm out of his mouth and started rolling over. Then there was another coyote on my foot. He was kind of trying to drag me away.”

He said he managed to chase the duo away and reported it to Fish and Wildlife officers.

According to the government of Alberta website coyotes are often attracted to areas where pet food, garbage or fallen fruit are available.

The website also advices if a person sees a coyote they should never turn and run but instead behave aggressively, wave arms, and throw sticks.

With files from Josh Skurnik