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Olivia and Noah remain the top choices in Alberta for baby names

A baby's feet. (Credit: Pixabay/ A baby's feet. (Credit: Pixabay/

Alberta's top baby names in 2023 were released on Wednesday with familiar names topping the list.

Once again, Olivia and Noah were the most popular names t with Olivia maintaining a record-setting streak for most popular girl name for 11 years running and Noah remaining as the top pick for boys for the past five years.

Parents found inspiration for their bundles of joy in many places. Some parents preferred names based in nature such as Azalea, Poppy, Meadow and Flora while athlete's names remain a popular pick for the boys including Evander, Beckham and Crosby.

The top boy names in 2023 were:

  1. Noah (276)
  2. Liam (181)
  3. Oliver (178)
  4. Theodore (173)
  5. Jack (153)

Top names for girls in 2023 were:

  1. Olivia (210)
  2. Amelia (145)
  3. Sophia (138)
  4. Charlotte (135)
  5. Emma (133)

Some parents went away from conventional names to give their children a one-of-a-kind name. Some of the unconventional boy names found in 2023 are Chosen, Dude and Sugar, with each name only having appeared only once last year.

Unconventional girl names found in 2023 are Andromeda, Story, Wednesday and Morningstar – all of which were registered only once in 2023.

There were 47,263 births that were registered in Alberta in 2023 with more than 13,000 different names among them.

You can find all of the registered boy and girl baby names in 2023 by clicking the links. Top Stories

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