The owner of a wallaby that went missing last year is hopeful she may be soon reunited with her furry friend, after the wallaby was recently spotted in Parkland County.

Stacie Barr’s wallaby Tyson was 15 months old when he went missing on July 2 last year.

Over the past year, Barr has received calls from Albertans who have spotted the wallaby, the latest sighting reported about ten days ago in the area of Range Road 21 and Township Road 513.

“I was surprised and happy that I got the phone call. I have had lots of calls of sightings of him throughout the year but they stopped in March, so I was a little bit worried,” Barr said.

She said Leslie Moncrieff, who had spotted Tyson on July 4, said he looked very healthy.

Barr said she’s never given up hope and is happy Tyson is still hopping around.

She asks if anyone else spots the marsupial, to not try to catch him as he may get scared and run off.

“Just give me a call. I’m the only one he really knows. I’m not sure if he’d go to anybody else,” Barr said.

“I don’t suggest trying to catch him because he will run.”

Barr, who works in Fort McMurray, is planning on searching the area where Tyson was last spotted next week.

“I’m off for four days next weekend so I’m going to go down and check out the area and hopefully find him,” Barr said.

“I never lost hope. I still have hope I’m going to get him back one of these days.”

Anyone who spots Tyson is asked to call Barr at 780-972-9623.