A piece of a new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Alberta made an unusual entrance to the gallery on Tuesday.

The art piece – a scale model house –is designed after a famous house in Lethbridge where a number of different artists have lived.

Its creator Emily Luce, says she wants the house to make people think about artists.

“Artists have always lived in the house. It’s become a bit of a local legend. We’ve replicated it and invited artists to come and make miniature artworks to go inside the tiny version of the house,” Luce said.

“I want people to feel at home and to think of the art life and what it means to choose to live in the art world.”

While the model home is significantly smaller than the home its designed after, it was too big to fit through the art gallery’s front doors.

After hours of preparation, the model home was instead lifted onto the third floor terrace of the gallery by a crane.

“I’ve never seen a flying house before,” Luce said, adding she was thrilled at the sight.

Luce’s house is part of the 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art Exhibition which opens at the Art Gallery of Alberta on Friday.

The exhibit features a variety of different styles of artwork from 36 artists across the province.

“It’s a wonderful time to come. There’s a huge diversity in the kinds of art that’s in the show. There are nine communities represented, from Grande Prairie to Stand Off, Alberta,” said Nancy Tousley, the exhibition curator.

“There’s moving images, animation, a film program that will be shown separately at designated times, sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, print-making, the whole gamut and some surprises, obviously the house is one, but it’s not the only one.”

And while the exhibit may not have started just yet, Luce says seeing the model home lift through the air has already been quite the experience.

“This is a highlight for sure,” she said.

The exhibit runs January 26 to May 5.

With files from Graham Neil