Edmonton police arrested a suspicious man at a downtown electronics shop Friday night.

Officers responded to a weapons call around 10 p.m. at the Future Shop on 109 Street and 104 Avenue.

Sgt. David Goodkey said they took one man into custody after he was found with several weapons.

“Looks like he is banishing [sic] a number of different weapons. What looked to be handguns and swords and stuff like that,” Sgt. Goodkey told CTV News.

“It looks like they are imitation weapons at this point and that is still under investigation,” he added.

Police said the manager of the store called them after the suspicious man came in minutes before closing time.

“Doesn’t sound like anything criminal happened inside the store,” Sgt. Goodkey explained, “The manager, just for the safety for the people inside, thought he should call the police.

“Given the time of day they didn’t know what exactly to expect so they gave us a call.

“This guy came in right at close and that’s usually suspicious,” Sgt. Goodkey added.