A 22-year-old man has been charged after several shooting incidents.

Police have charged Patrick Young with 31 criminal charges including aggravated assault on a police officer as well as firearms and other related charges.

“The charges that were laid today are in relation to the December 23 shooting at 158th and 100 Ave,” Acting Inspector Dan Jones said.

“The criminal code was amended last year. When someone does an action with intent to injure or maim a police officer they get charged with an aggravated assault,” he explained.

“The fact that there was a shooting at our members he’s been charged with four counts of that because there were four police officers on scene.”

During the initial shoot out on December 23, gunfire was exchanged after four officers stopped a light blue Toyota 4Runner at a traffic stop.

Investigators say they believe there was a female passenger in the vehicle at the time and they have been working on locating her.

Young was arrested during another shoot out with RCMP officers on December 25 in Redwater.

“He was in a hotel in Redwater and we made contact with him and unfortunately he didn’t come out initially and there were shots fired,” Jones said.

He was taken into custody after a seven-hour standoff at a motel.

“No police officers were injured,” Acting Inspector Dan Jones said. .”It’s a successful conclusion to a very unfortunate incident.

“The RCMP are investigating the Redwater incident separate from us,” he added.

Redwater resident Don Hamer said he heard a bang and saw a flash as the incident got underway Tuesday.

“The RCMP had two large military-type vehicles and then there were half a dozen RCMP had the road blocked off,” he described.

“A truck come and knocked the door down. Then they come in and hauled one guy out and threw him in an ambulance,” Hamer added. “He was out to lunch. Yelling and screaming.”

Hamer described the suspect as a young, Caucasian man in his mid-20s.

At one point police tried to get the barricaded man to answer a telephone, Hamer explained.

“The machine has a box and they put it through the window, and they told him that there was a phone in the box and to answer the phone.”