Although he was convicted of murder – and has been sentenced to more than two decades behind bars, Mark Twitchell is trying to get video from a number of his film projects back from police, who said they’ll do whatever it takes to keep that from happening.

Video from a number of Twitchell’s film projects was seized by police during the investigation into the murder of Johnny Altinger, a crime he was convicted of last year.

Now, Twitchell wants those hard drives, full of footage shot for a number of projects back – according to a journalist who is still in contact with him.

“He’s had a friend try and get them back from police,” Journalist Steve Lillebuen said in a phone interview from Melbourne, Australia with CTV News. “The police are now involved in trying to stop him from getting this footage back.

 “My personal opinion, it’s Mickey Mouse,” Staff Sgt. Bill Clark, who was the lead investigator on Mark Twitchell’s case said. “[It’s] Mickey Mouse filmmaking.

“I don’t think he should, I think the public would be outraged at something like that.”

When he was convicted of killing Altinger, a jury found Twitchell lured the victim online – in a series of events that mirrored the plot of the movie ‘House of Cards’, which he was working on at the time.

Lillebuen told CTV News Twitchell is considering getting a court order, which would force police to return the footage.

“He’s told me that this is literally the last thing he’ll do,” Lillebuen said. “He’ll do whatever it takes to get these projects completed.”

Twitchell reportedly said much of the video that was seized was never entered in court as evidence.

Staff Sgt. Clark hopes any court application is denied, based on a law that prevents criminals from profiting from crime.

“I think it’s quite possible and quite logical that one of the reasons he could be doing this is to profit from it,” Clark said.

Police also said if Twitchell managed to obtain a court order, they will comply, but he likely wouldn’t get any of it back until he is released from prison.

Twitchell was sentenced to 25 years in prison, before he is eligible for parole.

With files from Bill Fortier