A video of an Edmonton peace officer’s hip hop performance has gained thousands of Facebook views in days.

Transit peace officer Halley Barrantes, who also goes by the name Tha Witness, said he was not sure how his bosses would react to his performance but told CTV News he felt it was important to reach out to youth.

“I think it is vital for us to show them that we are human and we do care about the culture and not just care about the culture but we are part of the culture too.

“People think that hip hop is something negative and unfortunately that is what the image has been portrayed as,” he added.

“Being a Christian, having that worldview, doing my music I want to portray positive living, positive aspects of society especially when it comes to the parallel between Christianity and law enforcement.”

“I think what he did puts us into a better perspective with people,” fellow peace officer Thomas Chapman said.

Barrantes also paid tribute to Fallen EPS Const. Daniel Woodall during his performance.

“It was a freestyle and so I’d say whatever is in your heart is what is going to come out.”

With files from Josh Skurnik