Saskatchewan is hoping to benefit from Alberta’s recent election upset.

The province’s Minister of Immigration, Jobs, Skills and Training, Jeremy Harrison, said they have would welcome investment from Alberta’s energy sector into their province.

“There is uncertainly in Alberta right now with respect to the Royalty Review that the new government has promised, that they campaigned on. We’ve seen CEOs of companies, publically say that they are looking at reallocating their capital expenditure budget this year.”

Minister Harrison said Saskatchewan benefited from the previous Royalty Review.

“This happened in Alberta in 2009 and there was significant increase in investment into Saskatchewan because of it.

“Will that happen again? It remains to be seen but we definitely welcome investment from Alberta, particularly the energy sector.”

His comments come on the same day Premier-elect Rachel Notley gathers her caucus together for the first time.

Notley has been working to calm fears in the province’s industry sectors and said her government will work as partners with business.

“Our new government will work as hard as the families of our province do to build a better future for all of us.

“We will work closely with our partners in business and in industry to build Alberta’s economy, to grow our prosperity, and to ensure all Albertans share in our benefits,” she said during her speech outside of Government House.

Those in the energy industry have been apprehensive about what Notley’s campaign promises could mean to their business.

David McLean from Alberta Enterprise said some of the organization members have expressed concern.

“There are some elements of the NDP platform that aren’t necessarily good for business – increasing corporate taxes, increasing minimum wage, proposed Royalty Review – but that said I think it is a little hasty to be writing off Alberta as an investment jurisdiction.”

Notley, who led the NDP to victory in Tuesday’s election, said her new team was a better reflection of the province.

“Together in Alberta we are diverse and we are welcoming and we are proud to be Albertans. Now, Albertans have a new government that actually reflects that remarkable diversity, the vitality and the amazing energy of our province.

“Together the members of our caucus bring a tremendous range of experience to our new government. They will bring those experiences to bear in every decision that we make.”

Notley will be the province’s 17th premier.

With files from Josh Skurnik, CTV Saskatoon