The Humane Society has more kittens to find homes for after six were found abandoned in a suitcase earlier this week.

It appears that someone dumped the litter into the suitcase and tossed them into a back alley in the area of 138 Street and 132 Avenue. A family came across the kittens after one wandered into the backyard and came face to face with their dog. Realizing it couldn’t be alone they went into their back alley and that’s when they found the rest of the bunch.

Peace Officers are concerned with the rising numbers of abandoned animals in our city this summer.

“It’s quite sad actually,” Peace Officer Bronwyn Taylor said Thursday. “We are seeing a lot left behind in apartments or in houses where people have had to move out. And we are also seeing a lot that have been dumped around the city this year as well.”

Staff at the society say that the kittens appear to be in good health, and because they were found quite quickly they were able to receive the care they needed. They stress that abandoning animals is illegal, and if someone is in a bad situation to bring the animals down to the society.

“If they are really stuck and financially in need of assistance, and are not capable of providing the care for the animals, best bet is to bring them down to the Humane Society,” Said Taylor.

The kittens are approximately seven weeks old and will remain at the society until they reach a healthy weight, get all of their shots, are micro chipped and neutered.

The Society said to stay tuned to their website or Facebook to learn when they will be available for adoption.