EDMONTON -- A Doctor from the U of A is offering tips for parents on how to make it easier for kids to wear the masks.

The hot item on this years’ back to school supply list will be masks. The Edmonton Public School Board has made mask wearing mandatory for Grades 4-12 while in common areas of schools.

While some kids with disorders like autism might not be able to wear masks, most should even if they have conditions like asthma, according to Dr. Christopher Ewing, a pediatric respirologist.

He says the first time a child wears a mask it may feel funny and they might want to pull it off right away, so it’s important to get kids used to the new sensation on their face.

“Start practicing at home, watching a TV show or YouTube video… pretending to be superheroes or ninjas with their mom or dad while they wear masks too,” said Ewing.

He suggests letting kids pick out their own masks and finding ways to make masks fun.

Ewing also tells parents to be honest about why masks are necessary, because kids naturally want to help.