On Wednesday, one of three individuals believed to have kidnapped and assaulted an Edmonton man was sentenced.

Steven Gordon Vollrath, 33, was found guilty of kidnapping, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon and impersonating a police officer in June.

Back in January of 2015, Richard Suter was taken from his home by three masked men. He was tortured, his thumb was severed and he was left in the snow.

It’s believed Suter was targeted because he was driving the SUV that crashed into a restaurant patio, killing 2-year-old Geo Mounsef in 2013. The Crown Prosecutor called the crime vigilante action.

Vollrath’s identification was found at the scene.

On Wednesday, Vollrath was handed a 12-year sentence. His defence reiterated their client’s claim that he wasn’t present during the crime, and was set up.

“Even on the facts as found at the trial on conviction, Mr. Vollrath’s role in the escapade was a relatively minor role,” lawyer Paul Moreau said.

“Anybody that had any part of that is deserving of a significant penitentiary sentence,” Crown Prosecutor Jim Stewart said.

A report pertaining to Vollrath’s aboriginal heritage shows problems he faced as he grew up: at 8-years-old, he ran away from home, he was apprehended at 11-years-old. In the past, he had also lived on the streets and became a member of a gang, in addition to using drugs before he became a teenager.

While his sentence is for 12 years, he has 10 and a half years left to serve.

With files from David Ewasuk and The Canadian Press