EDMONTON -- A Stony Plain pizzeria is giving back to the community after residents supported the business during a difficult stretch last summer.

Business at Cosmic Pizza took a hit in 2019 when road construction that made it harder to access the pizzeria took longer than expected.

Construction eventually wrapped up in November. With business now back to normal, Cosmic Pizza decided it's time to give back to the town and loyal customers that supported them.

"During this hard time the residents of Stony Plain really helped us out," Cosmic Pizza Manager Iqra Zaffar told CTV News Edmonton. "This program is to give back to the community and to give back to residents."

The program began Wednesday and Zaffar says the reaction has been immense with customers thanking them for helping people in need.

"We're more than happy," said Zaffar. "Our doors are open to them."

Zaffar said the program will run for "as long as we can."

There is a limit of one slice per person and only Stony Plain residents are eligible.