Raising awareness about sexual violence and promoting healthy relationships is the mandate of a new website launched by University of Alberta students.

ConsentEd is an educational tool created by 11 current and former U of A students.

The group behind ConsentEd all met while volunteering at a local sexual assault centre.

They're working towards creating a world without sexual violence.

The website is meant to inform and incite a conversation about the issues and myths surrounding sexual violence.

"[We] really want to show people what the realities of sexual violence are and that everyone has a stake in ending sexual violence, not just people who have personally experienced it," ConsentEd co-creator Nina Lam told CTV News Friday.

"On our website you can find everything from basic definitions to debunking myths around sexual violence to what a healthy sexual relationship can entail," said co-creator Niresha Velmurugiah.

Velmurugiah says part of the problem with the misinformation surrounding sexual violence is due in part to mainstream media and popular culture.

She says oftentimes the responsibility to end sexual violence is placed on survivors and not the perpetuators,

"It's time to shift the perspective," Velmurugiah said.

Just days since their launch, the ConsentEd group says they're receiving more than a thousand unique visits to the website from all around the world.

"We've already had quite a good response," said co-creator Sarah Stonehocker.

"We're really hoping that it grows from here and the momentum continues."