EDMONTON -- A local print shop is selling custom t-shirts it hopes will help small businesses survive the pandemic.

The "Here for Good" t-shirt campaign by Print Machine in Old Strathcona is selling – so far – t-shirts for 33 different businesses.

"(It's) an opportunity for small businesses that were shut down. An opportunity to still reach out to their clients and family members (who) might be eager to support," owner Jonny Jacques explained.

The High Level and Blue Plate Diners, and the Varscona and Rapid Fire Theatres are among those taking part.

Companies can either order one of Print Machine's two branded shirts – with the messaging "Here for Good" and "I <3 YEG" – or create one with their own logo.

Every shirt features #YEGSMALLBUSINESS at the bottom.

Shops share in the profits of the first option, and receive the net profits of the second.

"The idea was really born out of thinking of places like tattoo parlours and hair parlours and these people who can’t have any service whatsoever," Jacques told CTV News Edmonton.

"We thought with our ability to produce apparel and their ability to reach their customers, that we could create an opportunity that would benefit all of us."

To date, the print shop has received about 115 orders amounting to 230-some shirts total.

They are expected to be ready next week.

Pre-orders can be picked up curbside.

With a report from CTV News Edmonton's David Ewasuk