A model of Edmonton's Stantec Tower, built to scale out of Lego bricks, is on display inside its real-life inspiration.

The model was designed by Matt Falacinski, a virtual construction engineer for the construction firm PCL.

Falacinski is a Lego fanatic. He regularly designs his own Lego models and was commissioned to build this Stantec Tower model for a PCL boss.

He accepted in part because of his connection to the original tower project.

"I used to work for Stantec as a structural engineer and I was involved with the Stantec Tower," Falacinski said. "And then I left Stantec to come work for PCL, and the very first day at PCL, I was put on the Stantec Tower project."

The finished model used 6,000 Lego blocks and stands one metre tall.

In total, 12 kits were made. The one on display inside the real-life Stantec Tower was built by employees.

"We've got 1,400 people in here that were really able to connect and join forces and build this," said Scott Argent, a vice president with Stantec Consulting. "And it was not one particular group or person building this, but rather, every day, it was a different group."

Falacinski is thrilled to have been part of what he calls the coolest project he's ever been asked to do.

"There were certainly people saying 'it's a toy, it's a toy.' But here it is, standing in the middle of Stantec Tower," he said.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's David Ewasuk