EDMONTON -- From company parties to intimate get-togethers, there can be many events on your social calendar in the coming weeks and many opportunities for missteps.

Fabulista Randall MacDonald shared his advice for navigating the holiday party season with CTV Morning Live Edmonton.

If a company party is on your list, make sure you don't over-consume the complimentary alcohol; you're setting yourself up for some bad decision-making.

And if you're the boss, avoid talking politics and risking upsetting your guests.

Host gifts are always a good idea, but MacDonald recommends being thoughtful about your choice.

He suggests avoiding Christmas decore unless you're certain it matches what they already have in their home.

Gifting plants and flowers creates extra work for your already-busy host.

MacDonald says wine is a fine choice, as long as you know it's something the host enjoys or you've gone to the effort to buy something special.

"That wine that you bring is not for you to drink, that is their gift," MacDonald said.

Finally, leave the party when you want to, but it's important to thank your hosts and say goodbye before you go.