EDMONTON -- The province is extending the application deadline for its small and medium business grant to the end of June.

The grant was introduced in April 2021 and has a $350 million dollar budget. The UCP says by extending the application deadline to June 30 businesses affected by the additional health orders put in place in May can also receive funds.

Businesses with fewer than 500 employees that have seen revenue drop by at least 30 per cent due to restrictions could receive up to $10,000.

The money can be used as business owners see fit.

“I hope this is the last time you hear me coming up to this podium talking about business supports and grants related to COVID-19,” Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation Doug Schweitzer said at a press conference Wednesday morning.

Schweitzer says businesses are ready for a reopening.

“For the last six weeks we’ve had the opportunity to meet with over 50 chambers of commerce and feedback is resounding. The time is now. We need this clear path to an open summer.”

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce says many businesses rely on foot traffic and lifting the work from home order will help boost downtown business.

The province is also letting hotels keep the tourism levy for April, May and June. The ministry says this frees up $8 million for the tourism sector.