Just days after a north Edmonton man got his specialized van back, it was stolen again.

Mike McMullan's van was first stolen on June 21. Police recovered it three days later in Sherwood Park, and he got it back from the repair shop last Monday. On Wednesday, it was gone again.

"For me, that's my independence," McMullan said.

"It's got a lift in the side of it, a swing lift, it's got a six-way power seat, it’s got hand controls. It's all set up so that I can get in it and drive it on my own."

It was weird for McMullan to have to call police again, but officers already recovered the vehicle in north Edmonton.

It’s currently being fingerprinted and police are searching for thieves.

McMullan is now happy he won't have to spend thousands of dollars in a new van.

"I couldn’t replace another wheelchair van with what they were going to give me through insurance, so I'm just happy they found it."

Police also gave McMullan A steering wheel club for security.

"I'm ecstatic to get it on the steering wheel to stop these guys from getting it the next time."

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Jeremy Thompson