EDMONTON -- Edmonton was one of several cities across Canada that saw a show of support being made Saturday evening for government protestors in Lebanon.

"The young people of Lebanon finally had enough… They're not talking about a religion, or a sect, or a party. They're talking about Lebanon in its entirety," said rally attendee Joe Hak.

Protestors have criticized a series of Lebanese governments as having left their citizens without food, water or power after years of corruption and mismanagement.

In Lebanon, the demonstrations erupted on Thursday over the government's plans to impose new taxes amid a severe economic crisis.

"They need new blood. They need a new generation to govern this wonderful country," Hak said.

Dozens attended the Edmonton rally at the legislature.

"We are here, although we are far away, we want to show that we are with them," said Lebanese and Canadian citizen Vivian Abboud.

Of those who participated, Abboud added: "That means the Lebanese people in Canada are living their values. They're not assimilated. They understand the challenges back home, and they want to support our home country."

According to Hak, the group in Edmonton doesn't only want to show their support—but also call on the new federal government to aid their effort.

"On Monday, we will know who the government is. Then we will be talking to the government about taking a stance of solidarity with the Lebanese people."

With files from CTV National News