As city councillors continue to debate whether to use calcium chloride to melt snow and ice, an auto technician told them the pilot program is too corrosive.

Jim Riley claims his customers' vehicles' had more rust from corrosion this past winter than ever before.

"This is the effect of your product that you're using right now," Riley told council as he showed them a photo of a corroded mouse trap from his garage floor that he said was exposed to calcium chloride. "This is the underside of that product—just completely disintegrated."

A study presented to committee Wednesday showed both salt and calcium chloride can reduce the lifespan of pavement. It also found city vehicles have not been corroded, possibly because they are washed multiple times a week.

The pilot program began in 2016. Last year's vote was 7-6.

A more detailed report is expected in August, when councillors will vote again.

CTV News Edmonton's Jeremy Thompson reports