Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition at Telus World of Science Edmonton opens to the public on Saturday.

“Mythbusters has been such a great show for so many years, exploring the joys of experimentation and testing and it embodies a lot of what we try to capture here at the science centre,” said Alan Nursall, president and CEO of Telus World of Science Edmonton.

The exhibition features a variety of hands-on myths for people of all ages to put to the test.

“All the interactives here are real experiments and those experiments were created with the Mythbusters as well,” said Geoffrey Curley, lead content and designer for Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition.

Mythbusters Exhibition

“There’s a good example where, does toast always fall with the butter side down? It always seems to, and there’s some really interesting physics around that and it’s set up as an experiment that you can do here. It’s a little bit different than from the show but it’s adapted for our audience,” added Nursall.

People can test whether or not a tablecloth can be pulled off a fully set table or see if a quick change into a superhero costume in a phone booth can actually happen in seconds.

Mythbusters“The great thing about Mythbusters is they were never afraid to ask questions and that’s the only way to really find out how the world works is to try things out,” said Nursall.

There are also more than a hundred artifacts from the show on display.

Mythbusters exhibition

“Either from their experiments, or things that they built for the show and then they would ship them out to us,” said Curley.

The exhibition has been traveling to science centres for six years now, but Curley said it’s always updated.

“We’re always working with the Mythbusters to develop new interactives, bringing in new objects from the show,” he said.

The Mythbusters exhibition will be at TWOSE until September.