On Tuesday, City Council passed a bylaw banning smoking in Churchill Square – a topic that has sparked heated debate among the members of council.

It was an idea floated by Councillor Michael Walters in July, 2014.

It was immediately a hot topic among councilors, in its third reading in February, the bylaw was voted down forcing it to come back to council.

On Tuesday, the bylaw passed by a margin of seven votes in favour, to six votes against.

“I think it’s completely okay to establish rules for the way we want people to behave in Churchill Square,” Councillor Scott McKeen said.

Enforcement of the bylaw won’t be heavy handed; instead, officials said there will be a focus on education, not tickets.

CTV News has learned the bylaw will go into effect April 15. Violators could face a $250 fine.

With files from Serena Mah