A delayed psychiatric assessment report has pushed back court proceedings for the man accused in a series of attacks that left five people injured in September.

Sharif appeared in an Edmonton courtroom via CCTV from Alberta Hospital Monday morning, but the assessment to determine Sharif’s mental state at the time of the alleged assaults, had not been completed.

In court, the Crown Prosecutor wanted to move forward with Sharif’s election and plea, even though results of the second assessment had not yet been released – saying Sharif had already been found fit to stand trial.

Sharif’s defence lawyer said the report for the second assessment was needed before moving forward.

“It is important to determine as to what our next steps would be, and for us to do that, I think that NCR assessment is an important piece, as that would definitely impact on how we would proceed with that matter on a going forward basis,” defence lawyer Karanpal Aujla said outside of court Monday.

The case was put over until March 14.

Sharif faces eleven charges, including five counts of attempted murder, stemming from the Sept. 30 attack that left five people injured.

With files from Bill Fortier