EDMONTON -- The province is delaying potential changes stemming from a review of tax assessments to help the oil and gas industry.

Many communities fear a significant loss of tax revenue from the sector with a recommendation from municipal affairs set to go before cabinet early this month.

But following a meeting with the new minister of municipal affairs this weekend, one of the more vocal reeves on the issue says he and other rural leaders have more time to provide input before decisions are made.

They'll have an extra month to air concerns to Tracy Allard, before she's expected to come forward with a recommendation.

Flagstaff County, located east of Camrose, took out a billboard campaign to draw attention to how a loss of revenue would mean a steep tax hike, a loss of services, or both.

They encouraged people to contact their MLA or other government officials.

Kroetch says his council will decide Wednesday if the billboards should come down now that they've done their job.

An official in the office of the municipal affairs minister says Tracy Allard, who's only been in the role a couple weeks, wants the extra time to consult with all stake-holders.

She wants to bring forward a recommendation by early October so municipalities have all the information they need to finalize their budgets for the coming year.