EDMONTON -- More than 200 people passed through a clothing swap in downtown Edmonton on Sunday, representing the growing popularity of a more sustainable and community-based way to shop, its organizer said.

For $10, participants could bring 10 items for other guests to look at and take home, and in exchange leave the event with 15 new-to-them items.

"There is an excess of clothing," said Jennifer McConaghy, creator of Swap Studios and Life Preloved blogger.

"So having clothing swaps encourage us to swap our clothing instead of always buying new, because there's so much for us to use and we just keep it circular in the community."

As a promoter of circular fashion, McConaghy began organizing swaps four years ago, eventually creating her own brand.

"I love hearing the communication between two individuals. They all say where they got an item and how they wore it, and then the person who's taking it home will … style it differently. It's great to see how different items are used."

Last year, Swap Studios hosted five events. The Feb. 16 event at The Grizzlar Coffee & Records was the first of many McConaghy said she planned to host with different businesses throughout the city.

The community aspect is exactly what brought out friends Chloe Dumbrigue and Krishty Roy.

"It's free, essentially. You're exchanging something that you don't use that you potentially might use," Dumbrigue said. "And I love that it's in the middle of winter. It gives you reason to go and be in this really hip, new cool space that we have here."

Roy added: "You just get more of a variety, more exposed to different variety of clothing… It's less wasteful."

Another shopper, Ian Cooney, told CTV News Edmonton, "Better to spend money locally than pay the big guys."

The clothing swaps feature both adult women and men clothes. McConaghy said more events would be announced through her social media channels.